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David J Sencer CDC Museum | Atlanta GA

The Centers for Disease Control has a certain mystery about it, and the museum housed in its facility is no exception. After going through many different layers of security, we finally got to tour the David J. Sencer Centers for Disease Control Museum. Multimedia exhibits teach the public about different epidemics, everything from AIDS, malaria, Ebola and polio to smoking and obesity. It was humbling to stand in this place knowing that this organization not only teaches about outbreaks and prevention, but it also works to find treatment, prevent epidemics and eradicate the diseases that plague humankind.

Join us as we take you on a history of disease on this episode of Stories, Secrets and Sagas.

Interesting Facts About The CDC Museum

  • 1 You may use cameras in the museum only. Cameras are not allowed in any other location at the CDC.
  • 2 The David J. Sencer Centers for Disease Control Museum is affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute.
  • 3 Admission to the museum and parking in the parking deck are both free.
  • 4 The exhibits are self-guided, but you can also schedule a guided tour.
  • 5 Before visiting, be prepared to go through two security checks, a vehicle inspection outside and a security check inside. It takes about 15 minutes. Each visitor over the age of 18 must have at least one of the following: Drivers License, State-issued Photo ID or Passport. Passports are required if you are not a US citizen.

Visit The David J. Sencer Centers for Disease Control Museum in Atlanta GA

David J. Sencer Centers for Disease Control Museum
1600 Clifton Road NE, at CDC Parkway, Atlanta GA 30329

To schedule a guided tour, visit or call (404) 639-0830.


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