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Doll's Head Trail - Constitution Lakes Park - Atlanta GA

Located in Constitution Lakes Park in Atlanta GA, Doll’s Head Trail is a sight to behold. It is nestled among gorgeous hiking trails, beautiful wildlife and picturesque landscapes. However, just past the boardwalk, take the road less traveled, and you will discover a strange, creepy and immensely entertaining adventure.

Come with us as we follow the bobbers through the Doll’s Head Trail.

Fun Facts About Doll's Head Trail - Atlanta GA

  • 1 Doll's Head Trail is lined with fishing bobbers. Follow the bobbers, and you will see every unusual site along the nature trail.
  • 2 Bring your hiking shoes! It is truly a hiking trail filled with hills, valleys and slick Georgia clay.
  • 3 The toys, household items and other trash were deposited after a flooding of the South River.
  • 4 Two small lakes that were one excavation pits for the  South River Brick Company form Constitution Lakes.
  • 5 Visitors are encouraged to make their own displays with the debris in the park. The only caveats are that no modern toys are allowed; you must use only what is found along the trail, and the displays must remain family friendly.

Visit Doll's Head Trail - Constitution Lakes Park - Atlanta GA

1305 S River Industrial Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315

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