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The Electric Rocks at Hillman GA | Crawfordville GA

Near Crawfordville GA are the remains of a small town called Hillman GA that was once the home of an Electric Health Resort. In the late 19th century, the rocks at Hillman were thought to contain the healing power of electricity. They were referred to as electric rocks. A 40-room hotel was built on the site, and people poured into the small town ready to have all of their ailments cured. Today, Hillman is no more, but the rocks and the evidence of the resort remain. Join us as we tell you the story of The Rocks that Shock!

Fun Facts About the Electric Rocks & Hillman GA

  • 1 The land’s owner, Reverend A.L. Hillman, first discovered the healing power of the electric rocks.
  • 2 The 40-room hotel was called The Electric Mound Hotel. It was also fondly referred to as The Hillman.
  • 3 There was a post office established in Hillman GA from 1887-1959.
  • 4 The Georgia General Assembly incorporated Hillman as the Town of Hillman in 1887.
  • 5 The town’s municipal charter was dissolved in 1995.

Where to Eat - Mama Chucha's Cafe

We made two trips to Crawfordville to film this episode on the electric rocks, so we had the delight of eating at two of their best restaurants. Mama Chucha’s Café had a delicious menu selection that included a variety of offerings. From a country fried steak sandwich to quesadillas to Philly cheesesteak and fish, you’re sure to find something for every appetite!

Mama Chucha’s Cafe
114 Monument Street
Crawfordville GA 30631

Where to Eat - Heavy's Bar-B-Que

Heavy’s Bar-B-Que was famously used in the movie “Sweet Home Alabama.” The barbeque was absolutely delicious. There were generous portions of meats, side items, and each table had a loaf of fresh bread. Fans of the movie and of barbecue will love this place!
Heavy’s Bar-B-Que
2155 Sparta Road SE
Crawfordville GA 30631


Visit Crawfordville GA

Please note that the rocks are on private property and are in a remote location.
Our crew had permission to film on the property and was escorted by members of the town who were familiar with the terrain.

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