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Lulu Hurst - The Electric Girl | Madison GA

Lulu Hurst, also known by stage names such as “The Georgia Wonder” and “The Electric Girl”, began performing as a stage magician when she was only 14 years old. She said that she gained a mysterious power that she called the “Force” during an electrical storm in 1883. This power allowed her to perform amazing feats of physical strength. Lulu dazzled American audiences with her act. The Electric Girl performed for only two years during the early 1800s. Before she passed away in 1950, she wrote a tell-all autobiography admitting that her “powers” were due to her knowledge of deflection of force and the application of body mechanics. Still, she was a legend! We hope you enjoy this electrifying tale.

Fun Facts About Lulu Hurst

  • 1 Lulu Hurst was born in 1869 as Lula Hurst. However, she was called Lulu more often.
  • 2 Most of Lulu’s feats of strength were based on the principles of the lever and fulcrum.
  • 3 Lulu’s audience loved her. At one show a woman stood up and screamed, “Glory to God! The Great Jehovah! I’ll go to Lulu Hurst! I’ll come to you, Lulu! I’ll go to Lulu Hurst! God bless you, Lulu! God bless you!”
  • 4 Lulu Hurst retired at age 16 and married her manager, Paul Atkinson.
  • 5 The home Lulu shared with her husband, The Jessup-Atkinson House, is a popular home to tour when Madison GA has its historic gardens and homes tour.

Visit Madison GA

Visit Madison GA to see The Jessup-Atkinson House and the old historic cemetery where Lulu and her husband, Paul, are buried. 

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