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Agnes of Glasgow | Camden SC

Agnes of Glasgow haunts the old Quaker Cemetery in Camden SC. She is looking for her lost love, a British soldier she followed across the Atlantic during the American Revolutionary War. She died before she could find him. To this day, she searches for him.

Come with us as we tell you her heartbreaking tale.

Did You Know?

  • 1 Agnes was from Scotland, thus the name Agnes of Glasgow. Her last name has been lost to history.
  • 2 Agnes was following her true love, Lieutenant Angus McPherson, a British soldier.
  • 3 She stowed away on a ship hoping to find Lt. McPherson in the Colonies.
  • 4 Stories say that the names of the cities in Colonial America confused Lt. McPherson. He was very likely in Charleston, instead of Camden, when Agnes’ ship docked.
  • 5 Once Agnes died, King Haigler and his men buried her. Haigler, also known as Nopkehee, was the chief of the Catawba Native American Tribe in the area during this time.

Visit The Grave of Agnes of Glasgow | Camden SC

601 Meeting Street, Camden SC 29020

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