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Carry Me Home to Mother - A Griffin GA Ghost Story

Carry Me Home to Mother. This is the tale of a father’s love for his son and of the ties that bind a family together. The America Civil War took the lives of many men, young and old, from the North and the South. When 18-year-old Private Jackson was killed in the Battle of Resaca in May of 1864, he was hastily buried on the battlefield. His spirit couldn’t rest until his remains were brought home to his mother in Griffin GA. Likewise, his father wouldn’t rest until he brought his son home. His father had made an attempt to locate his son’s grave but to no avail. Afterward, the soldier’s ghost appeared to his father and told him exactly where to find his resting place. Mr. Jackson made another trip to the battlefield, followed the spirit’s instructions, found his son’s resting place and carried the young private home to mother.

Interesting Facts About Our Ghost Story

  • 1 The tale of Jethro Jackson’s son, William H.S. Jackson, was printed on page 4 of The Intelligencer on April 9, 1891.
  • 2 Dr. John Jones, a long-standing chaplain of the State Senate of Georgia, submitted the article.
  • 3 The Battle of Resaca took place, in earnest, between May 13 -15, 1864.
  • 4 The battlefield where Private Jackson died is now a state historic site and can be visited at 183 Resaca Lafayette Road, Resaca GA 30735.
  • 5 The Resaca Battlefield Historic Site officially opened on Friday, May 13, 2016 – exactly 152 years from the beginning of the Civil War battle.
Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson Augusta GA Stories Secrets and Sagas

Special Thanks

Special thanks go out to The Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson in Augusta GA for allowing us to film the reenactment scenes for this episode. This is the Civil War home where Wilson lived the longest throughout his lifetime. There are fourteen rooms furnished to the 1860s Victorian period and contains the original service building with kitchen. They are open for tours. Find out information about the home and the tours on their website.

Visit Private Jackson's Grave in Oak Hill Cemetery | Griffin GA

Oak Hill Cemetery
Block 2
797 Memorial Drive
Griffin GA 30223

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