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Center of the World | Hartwell GA

This episode is a little more somber than previous ones; however, it is a great story, nonetheless. It takes us to a place that was once considered the Center of the World by the Cherokee Tribe who once called this area in the Piedmont region of Georgia home. This was the central hub where trails, trading posts and camps once radiated out and where flocks of Passenger Pigeons once roosted. The land changed drastically after gold was discovered in Georgia in 1829, and the Cherokee were forced from the land. Overhunting eventually led to the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon as modem civilization took hold. Today, this sign and a stone monument are what are left of the Cherokee’s Center of the World.

Interesting Facts About the Center of the World

  • 1 The Center of the World is located in Hartwell GA just 3 miles south of town at US Hwy 29 at Marsh Lane.
  • 2 Cherokee called this place “Ah-Yeh-Li A-Lo-Hee.”
  • 3 Passenger Pigeons once roosted in the forests here, often breaking limbs with the sheer number of them.
  • 4 The last Passenger Pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. Her name was Martha.
  • 5 The Tail of Tears was a result of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, signed by U.S. President Andrew Jackson.
Hartwell GA Nancy Hart Mural Stories Secrts and Sagas

While visiting the Center of the World, we drove through downtown Hartwell GA. The downtown was vibrant and was filled with shoppers and interesting shops and restaurants. We were especially enticed by the smells wafting our way from The Table, so we couldn't resist dining in for lunch. We were not disappointed! Mark had their chicken salad sandwich and pasta salad, and Jamie had their burger with homemade macaroni and cheese. Everything was mouthwateringly delicious! Visit their website to see their offerings and then dine in. Tell them Stories, Secrets and Sagas sent you!

Visit the Center of the World in Hartwell GA

US 29/Hartwell Street at Marsh Lane, Hartwell GA 30643

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