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Dutchy - The Hated Confederate Statue | Elberton GA

Elberton GA is home to the most hated statue, Dutchy. The town of Elberton commissioned the statue in the late 1890s as a way to commemorate their Confederate dead. When it was unveiled in the town square in 1898, onlookers were appalled. The monument looked oddly cartoonish and appeared to be wearing a Union uniform. After only two years in the square, a mob of townspeople toppled the statue and buried him facedown. A new, more fitting monument replaced Dutchy. Dutchy was unearthed in 1982, cleaned and moved to the Elberton Granite Museum, where he is still on display today.

Come with us and learn a little more about Dutchy, the hated Confederate statue.

Fun Facts About the Dutchy Statue

  • 1 Dutchy was the first statue to be crafted out of Elberton Granite.
  • 2 Dutchy only stood in the Elberton town square for 2 years before residents of the town toppled and buried him facedown.
  • 3 Dutchy was dug up in 1982, washed in a car wash and now resides in the Elberton Granite Museum.
  • 4 Although reviled at the time, the publicity surrounding Dutchy helped launch the granite industry in Elberton GA, making it the Granite Capital of the World.
  • 5 Visit Dutchy in the Elberton Granite Museum. Admission is free.

Visit Dutchy at the Elberton Granite Museum

Elberton Granite Museum
1 Granite Plaza, Elberton GA 30635
Hours: Monday - Saturday 2pm to 5pm

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