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A Tale of Two Churches | Ehrhardt SC

This episode is near and dear to my heart. I grew up in Ehrhardt SC, my family still lives there, and I can trace my family’s history to the early days of the town. It’s always been fascinating to me that a town the size of Ehrhardt, population 500, could support two congregations of the same denomination within a couple of miles of each other. As I researched the history of both congregations, I became even more fascinated with the history and heritage of each. I hope you enjoy our Tale of Two Churches, Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church and Ehrhardt Memorial Lutheran Church.

History of Conrad Ehrhardt's Organ
Pastor Rick Mason

Interesting Facts About the Two Churches

  • 1 Mount Pleasant Lutheran Church is the older of the two congregations, tracing its history back to around 1750.
  • 2 Conrad Ehrhardt bought the organ that is still located at Ehrhardt Memorial Lutheran Church. He used to play it during the services.
  • 3 Mount Pleasant’s first recorded pastor was the Reverand John George Bamberg. He served from 1798-1800.
  • 4 Ehrhardt Memorial’s first pastor was P.E. Monroe, serving from 1904-1908.
  • 5 Numerous efforts were made to combine them between 1958-1963, to no avail.

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