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Grave of Gracie Watson | Savannah GA

Among those resting for eternity in Savannah GA’s beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery is a little girl named Gracie Watson. Gracie was a beloved fixture at the Pulaski House during the late 1800s. She passed away at age six, just two days before Easter in 1889. Her grave marker is one of the more visited spots in Bonaventure. Visitors marvel at the life-like sculpture commissioned by her father. Little Grace is also rumored to still be seen playing in Johnson Square in downtown Savannah. Grab a tissue for this latest episode of Stories, Secrets and Sagas.

Interesting Facts - Savannah GA

  • 1 Bonaventure Cemetery is featured in the novel, and subsequent movie, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."
  • 2 The Pulaski House Hotel was located in Johnson Square.
  • 3 A tunnel used to transport slaves is rumored to have led to the Pulaski House’s basement.
  • 4 Gracie’s grave is located within the walls of a wrought iron fence in Bonaventure Cemetery Plot E-98.
  • 5 Gifts are left for Gracie at her gravesite, especially around Christmas.

What to Eat: The Shrimp Factory

While walking from shoot to shoot on Historic River Street in Savannah GA, we stopped to chat with a friendly hostess outside of The Shrimp Factory. We were so thrilled with her friendliness that, after completing our shoots in the area, we went back there and had lunch. It turns out that The Shrimp Factory is a locally owned restaurant (since 1977!) that serves up not only warm hospitality but delicious food, too, from Lowcountry Boil to shrimp and grits and everything in between. Of course, we also had a helping of warm peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. We’ll have to go back and investigate, too, because, apparently, it’s a well-known haunted spot. We experienced weird magnetization of one piece of silverware, and that, according to our hosts, is just the tip of the iceberg!

Visit the Grave of Gracie Watson | Savannah GA

Bonaventure Cemetery
Spot E-98
330 Bonaventure Road
Thunderbolt GA 31404

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