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Healing Springs | Blackville SC

Healing Springs, also known as God’s Acre, is located near Blackville, a quaint rural town in South Carolina. Tucked away in a small picturesque park, its legend is still vibrant today. While filming, we observed several people filling dozens of containers with the fresh spring water that flows here. Where did the legend of the spring’s healing properties originate?

Come with us as we explore Healing Springs in Blackville SC!

Fun Facts About Healing Springs - Blackville SC

  • 1 Healing Springs was deeded to God by Lute Boyston in 1944, giving it the name “God’s Acre.”
  • 2 The mineral waters that flow from these springs originate from nearby artesian wells.
  • 3 The healing powers of the spring water originate from the time when Native Americans inhabited the area.
  • 4 People travel from miles around – even from out of state – to collect water from Healing Springs. People are known to drink, cook and even bathe in the water.
  • 5 The waters have been tested as being pure, filled with minerals beneficial to health.

Visit Healing Springs - Blackville SC

Healing Springs Road, Blackville, SC 298175

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