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The Lost Nuclear Bomb | Tybee Island GA

Few things are more terrifying than total annihilation, and knowing that there may be a lost nuclear bomb off the Georgia coast is enough to keep you awake at night. How did it get there? How long has it been there?

Find out in this episode of Stories, Secrets and Sagas.

Interesting Facts About The Lost Nuclear Bomb

  • 1 The bomb was a Mark 15 nuclear bomb weighing 7,600 pounds.
  • 2 The presumed location of the bomb is somewhere off Tybee Island GA in Wassaw Sound.
  • 3 Because he safely jettisoned the bomb and then landed the critically damaged aircraft safely at nearby Hunter Army Airfield, Colonel Howard Richardson was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.
  • 4 The Air Force Nuclear Weapons and Counterproliferation Agency performed a study in 2001. The study determined that the bomb was irrecoverable and best left alone.
  • 5 Why wasn’t there more outrage over not locating this nuclear bomb? Well, about a month after the search began, a second bomb was accidentally dropped near Florence SC. It was armed with conventional explosives that were detonated.

While no one knows the exact location of the nuclear bomb, you can visit popular tourist location, Tybee Island, GA!

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