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Nancy Hart - War Woman | Elberton GA

Native Americans called Nancy Hart, Wahatchie. This meant War Woman. Her deeds during the American Revolutionary War not only earned this fierce name, but she is also the only woman in the state of Georgia for which a county is named. Just how did a woman in rural northeast Georgia earn these accolades? Come with us as we tell you the story of the War Woman, Nancy Hart.

Interesting Facts About Nancy Hart

  • 1 Nancy Hart is the only woman for which a county in Georgia is named.
  • 2 Other places in Georgia named after Nancy Hart are: Lake Hartwell, Hart County and the Nancy Hart Highway.
  • 3 Nancy’s cousin was Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War general. Morgan commanded the triumphant American forces at the Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina in 1781.
  • 4 It is rumored that Nancy Hart towered to six feet tall!
  • 5 Georgia Women of Achievement inducted Nancy Hart into their ranks in 1997.
Hartwell GA Nancy Hart Mural Stories Secrts and Sagas

When telling the story about this interesting woman, we had to drive up to Hartwell GA. The downtown was vibrant and was filled with shoppers and interesting shops and restaurants. We were especially enticed by the smells wafting our way from The Table, so we couldn't resist dining in for lunch. We were not disappointed! Mark had their chicken salad sandwich and pasta salad, and Jamie had their burger with homemade macaroni and cheese. Everything was mouthwateringly delicious! Visit their website to see their offerings and then dine in. Tell them Stories, Secrets and Sagas sent you!

Visit Nancy Hart State Park | Elberton GA

Nancy Hart State Park, Elberton GA 30635

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