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Ra Obelisk | Columbia SC

In a small park in Columbia SC is what looks like an obelisk with Egyptian-inspired hieroglyphs. While it looks out of place in this southern American city, this was the vision of artist Richard Lane. He took an unsightly train trestle that refused to be destroyed and turned it into a lasting piece of art with a timeless message.

Find out what inspired him and what his message is on this episode of Stories, Secrets and Sagas.

Fun Facts About the Ra Obelisk

  • 1 The Ra Obelisk was once an old train trestle.
  • 2 The hieroglyphs translate to popular Beatles songs “Here Comes the Sun” and “All You Need is Love.”
  • 3 Richard Lane was a classically trained artist.
  • 4 In Egyptian mythology, scarabs were said to roll he sun across the sky.
  • 5 The Grow Café is now the site of an antique shop.

Visit the Ra Obelisk in Columbia SC

Pocket Park
900 Heyward Street, Columbia SC 29201

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