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Scarboro GA | Ghost Town in Georgia

Scarboro GA is a desolate place teeming with the energy of yesteryear. As you walk through the small, abandoned settlement, you can almost imagine people shopping at the store, swimming in the Ogeechee River and getting water from the natural spring that runs nearby. Standing still, you can hear the silent echo of long-gone trains chugging through the town on the Central Rail Road haunting the wind. The Scarboro Memorial Cemetery is pristine, while just past its border, another long-forgotten cemetery is overgrown by nature. Travel with us to this quaint ghost town on this episode of Stories, Secrets and Sagas.

Interesting Facts About Scarboro GA

  • 1 Scarboro GA was established prior to 1840.
  • 2 Scarboro became Station Number 7 on the Central Rail Road in 1839.
  • 3 The settlement is located in Jenkins County, Georgia.
  • 4 The town’s Baptist Church was established in 1864.
  • 5 General William T. Sherman and the Union Army camped in Scarboro along the rail road on December 3, 1864, as they made their infamous March to the Sea.
Good Place Cafe Waynesboro GA Stories Secrets and Sagas

Where to Eat Traveling to Scarboro GA

On our way to Scarboro, we stopped in nearby Waynesboro GA for lunch and found Good Day Café. They were hopping, but we didn’t wait long for a table or for the excellent service to begin. They had a variety of items from which to choose on their menu, but I narrowed it down to the burger, while Mark opted for the chicken wrap. We were both pleased with the presentation of the food and by the mouthwatering flavor. Between the friendly staff never letting our glasses go empty and the delicious food, we’ll definitely go back the next time we’re passing through Waynesboro. Give them a try and tell them Stories, Secrets and Sagas sent you!

Visit Scarboro GA

Scarboro GA

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