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Sideways the Dog | Atlanta GA | Georgia Tech Campus

A small terrier, affectionately named Sideways, wriggled her way into the hearts of Georgia Tech students in the 1940s. To this day, she is still honored by students on campus and lives on in the history and tradition of this prestigious technical institute.

Come with us as we tell you her heartwarming story, and maybe, just maybe, you, too, will fall in love with Sideways, The Dog, the Sweetheart of Georgia Tech.

Fun Facts About Sideways the Dog | Atlanta GA

  • 1 Sideways was a terrier, with white fur and a black patch on her face.
  • 2 Her grave is just northwest of the iconic Tech Tower on the Georgia Tech campus.
  • 3 As a result of the surgery to repair the injuries received from being thrown out of a moving car, her head and shoulders were approximately fifteen degrees out of line with the back of her body.
  • 4 Students often fed Sideways food from the dining hall.
  • 5 Sideways slept in a different dorm each night.

Visit The Tomb of Sideways the Dog at Georgia Tech in Atlanta GA

North Ave NW, Atlanta, GA 30332

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