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The Little Boy in Graniteville Cemetery | Graniteville SC

In October 1855 a little boy arrived in Graniteville SC on a train. He was unconscious upon arrival. Concerned townspeople took him to the hotel (the old Leavelle McCampbell Middle School), where he died without regaining consciousness. Having no idea from whence he came or his name, he was buried in Graniteville Cemetery. People began leaving toys on his grave; they still do to this day. Soon after, stories began spreading of a little boy’s ghost playing with the toys left on the grave. This is his story, as we know it.

Interesting Facts About The Little Boy

  • 1 The train the little boy was on ran between Hamburg and Charleston SC.
  • 2 The little boy’s casket was made and donated by a local casket maker. It was lined by scraps od silk and satin donated by townspeople.
  • 3 Graniteville’s founder, William Gregg, set the land for the cemetery aside. He donated the plot for burial.
  • 4 To visit the grave, you must traverse the large cemetery to the oldest part, where graves are more than 100 years old.
  • 5 The headstone is not original. The original one was replaced years ago when restoration was done to the oldest part of the cemetery.
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What to Do

We drove into nearby downtown Aiken SC to grab a bite for lunch and enjoyed the hospitality of Aiken Brewing Company. As a restaurant and microbrewery, they have something that everyone will enjoy. Mark had the chicken sandwich, and I dove into their famous wings, all after a healthy, shared serving of Brew City Bacon Cheese Fries. Of course, as a local, I know that the town of Graniteville has some delicious dining, too! Check out The Red Shed Diner for seasonal blueplate specials sourcing food from area farmers and a local butcher. Whether you choose to eat in Graniteville or drive a few miles up into Aiken, you’re going to find delicious food and the best people around to serve it to you!

Visit The Little Boy in Graniteville Cemetery | Graniteville SC

Gregg Highway, Graniteville SC 29829

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