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The Tree That Owns Itself | Athens GA

The Tree That Owns Itself in Athens GA is a peaceful oasis amid a bustling residential area. The white oak stands in its own little park. Standing there, looking up at it, there’s a certain amount of peace that overcomes you, even as cars zip around. It takes you back to childhood – climbing trees and looking as far as the eye could see. It’s a reminder of the beauty of nature even though the tree is surrounded by urban and suburban progress. Enjoy its story and reminisce a little as you watch this week’s episode of Stories, Secrets and Sagas.

Fun Facts About the Tree That Owns Itself

  • 1 The tree is a white oak.
  • 2 The Tree That Owns Itself has been featured on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.
  • 3 The property rights of the tree have never been questioned.
  • 4 The deed to the tree cannot be found, but no one questions its validity.
  • 5 The current tree is also known as The Son of The Tree That Owns Itself.
Saucehouse Barbecue Athens GA Stories Secrets and Sagas

Where to Eat in Athens GA

After a day of filming in Athens GA, we were craving barbecue, and, man, were we in luck! Saucehouse Barbecue was exactly what we needed. Each of us was able to completely customize our meal depending on our tastes. They have a variety of meats and homemade sides served on everything from baked potatoes and nacho chips to Hawaiian rolls and rice. Saucehouse also has 9 mouthwatering homemade sauces to suit even the pickiest barbecue enthusiast. The atmosphere was friendly, the music was fun, and the service was everything you hope from a barbecue restaurant in the South. We will definitely be back for more. The next time you’re in Athens GA, stop by Saucehouse and tell them that Stories, Secrets and Sagas sent you!

Visit The Tree That Owns Itself in Athens GA

277 South Finley Street, Athens GA 30605

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