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Tunnelvision and Neverbust | Columbia SC

Public art is a great part of any city, and Columbia SC is no different. In downtown Columbia, you can marvel at two pieces of art created by the internationally known, hometown artist, Blue Sky. Tunnelvision is one of his most popular pieces of art and has been a part of the city since 1975. Neverbust has joined the Kress and Sylvan buildings since 2000. Take a walk through downtown and enjoy the art, food and culture. Get a preview of these two pieces of art in this episode of Stories, Secrets and Sagas.

Fun Facts: Tunnelvision and Neverbust

  • 1 Blue Sky’s given name was Warren Edward Johnson. He legally changed it to Blue Sky in 1974.
  • 2 Tunnelvision is a mural on stucco and measures 50 feet by 75 feet.
  • 3 The AgFirst Farm Credit Bank building was sold in 2014 and was converted to apartments, and the mural was saved.
  • 4 Neverbust connects the Sylvan Building to the Kress Building, two historic buildings in Columbia SC.
  • 5 Neverbust was entirely funded by Blue Sky.

Visit Tunnelvision in Columbia SC

Tunnelvision by Blue Sky
1401 Hampton Street, Columbia SC 29201 

Visit Neverbust in Columbia SC

Neverbust by Blue Sky
1502-1508 Main Street, Columbia SC 29201 

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