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US Army Signal Corps Museum | Fort Gordon GA

The U.S. Army Signal Corps has a long and rich history, and that history is on display at the US Army Signal Corps Museum in Fort Gordon GA. One of the pieces on display is a telephone owned by one of the most evil men in history, Adolph Hitler. The phone was actually not destroyed in World War II. It was stored in a warehouse until it was placed in the museum. It is just one of the many exhibits on display, and they all carry a bit of emotion. Walking through these exhibits takes you from the American Civil War all the way through today’s Global War on Terror. It’s a thought-provoking, educational and emotional journey. Explore it with us on this episode of Stories, Secrets and Sagas.

Interesting Facts About The US Army Signal Corps

  • 1 The U.S. Army Signal Corps was official established by Congress as an official U.S. Army branch in March 1863.
  • 2 Major Albert J. Myer was the founder of the Signal Corps. In the beginning, he was the very first and only officer.
  • 3 The Corps bought the first army aircraft in 1908 from the Wright Brothers.
  • 4 The U.S. Army Signal Corps established a congressionally mandated national weather service in 1870. In 1891, this became a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; however, the responsibility for military meteorology remained with the Signal Corps.
  • 5 Today, the Signal Corps manages all modern information and telecommunications systems, including data and voice communications, local area networks, internet and computer systems.

Visit the US Army Signal Corps Museum at Fort Gordon

US Army Signal Corps Museum
504 Chamberlain Avenue
Fort Gordon GA 30905
Please note: Visiting the museum requires entering an official US military base, so everyone over the age of 18 must present an official form of identification and must check in at the guard date.

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